Over Thirty Years of Litigation Experience Leveraged To Assist Clients Across The State

Litigation Representation For Any Business

The outcome of any business litigation – be it an internal partnership dispute, a lawsuit involving two companies or another legal challenge – can have lasting consequences, so it is vital to ensure that the company has outstanding trial counsel fighting for its interests.

In order to protect your business interests, you need a legal team that is prepared to handle any commercial litigation challenges. At the New Jersey law firm of Biebelberg & Martin, LLC, you can retain a team with decades of experience in commercial litigation. From their Millburn office, the firm’s lawyers develop custom-tailored strategies for each of their clients to pursue the best outcome possible in every case. They represent corporate clients across New Jersey and the United States.

Strategic Thinking And Unwavering Preparation Is Key

The attorneys at Biebelberg & Martin, LLC, apply a tried-and-tested model to their litigation, exhaustively investigating and preparing each case so that they can respond efficiently and decisively to any developments throughout the course of the proceedings. The momentum of a case can change, even during a trial, so the firm’s lawyers rely on contingency planning and experience to maximize their responses to circumstances that unfold, while aggressively staying the course to optimize the intended goals.

In selecting the law firm of Biebelberg & Martin, LLC, you can be confident in its team’s effective case strategies. The firm’s attorneys do not pass their work off to junior lawyers. The law firm has extensive experience in:

  • Breach of contract lawsuits
  • Breach of fiduciary duty cases
  • Employment law litigation
  • Enforcement of confidentiality, noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements
  • Intellectual property infringement
  • Partnership disputes
  • Shareholder disputes

While it would be ideal for clients to accomplish their strategic goals without the necessity of a trial, that solution is sometimes unavailable. With that in mind, the attorneys at Biebelberg & Martin, LLC always prepare every case as if there will be a trial. This, in turn, helps optimize and facilitate a settlement.

The lawyers at Biebelberg & Martin, LLC, are zealous advocates and gifted litigators who are willing to proceed to trial as necessary. The goal for all litigation is to accomplish the client’s objectives, be it at trial or in settlement before (or during) trial. The firm’s attorneys will pursue this goal skillfully and strategically.

Protect Your Business With Zealous Legal Representation

When you need accomplished lawyers who have experience across the entire spectrum of commercial litigation, do not wait to contact Biebelberg & Martin, LLC. Call 973-988-2049 or email the firm’s attorneys here to schedule your initial consultation today.