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Advocating For Your Rights In A Breach Of Contract Lawsuit

Contracts are the backbone and foundation of almost every business. From employment agreements to vendor contracts, a breach can be a major problem you and your organization. At Biebelberg & Martin, LLC Attorneys at Law, our breach of contract attorneys represent clients throughout Northern and Central New Jersey in a variety of breach of contract actions.

For over 30 years, our lawyers at Biebelberg & Martin, LLC Attorneys at Law, have been known in Millburn for our tireless advocacy in the courtroom and across the negotiating table. Whether someone breached a contract with you or you need to defend against a breach of contract claim, our lawyers know how to develop a strong legal strategy to help you meet your goals.

Whether In the Courtroom Or At The Negotiating Table, You Can Trust Us To Fight For You

A breach of contract can occur in numerous ways. Generally, a breach happens when one party does not fulfill certain contractual obligations per the agreement. This can happen by failing to pay for goods or services, failing to perform a service or failing to complete a task on time. Regardless of the cause of the breach, you need an experienced attorney to advocate for your interests.

We can capably represent you in a variety of breach of cases, including lawsuits stemming from:

If we can negotiate a favorable settlement of your case, we will utilize alternative dispute resolution such as mediation. However, if litigation is necessary, you can trust our experienced business litigation attorneys to fight for your best interests in court. Our attorneys use a trial-focused approach, ensuring that we thoroughly prepare for the event that your case requires litigation.

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At Biebelberg & Martin, LLC Attorneys at Law, we understand how important it is to resolve your case optimally and efficiently so that you can get back to focusing on your business. When you work with us, you will always receive the respect and personalized attention you and your case deserve. We strive to maintain open and direct communication with our clients, so you never have to wonder about your next steps. To schedule a consultation at our Millburn office, call us at 973-988-2049 or complete our online contact form.