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Protecting Your Intellectual Property

You put a significant amount of time, work and investment into your intellectual property. Safeguarding your property through trademarks and copyrights is an essential way to protect yourself and your work. However, when someone infringes on your copyright or trademark, you may have a right to take legal action to protect your original work.

At Biebelberg & Martin, LLC, our Millburn attorneys will help fight for you in the face of a copyright or trademark infringement. We understand how important your work is to you and the monetary loss that occurs when someone infringes it. Fortunately, there are legal remedies available. Since 1990, our attorneys have represented clients throughout Northern and Central New Jersey in copyright and trademark infringement cases. Taking a trial-focused approach to every case, our thorough preparation optimizes your likelihood of success.

We Have Extensive Experience Representing Owners Of Intellectual Property In Some Cases As Well As Accused Infringers Of Intellectual Property In Other Cases

Sometimes owners of IP take a heavy-handed approach to protect their intellectual property. We have successfully represented those accused of infringing on intellectual property, copyrights and trademarks.

Defending Your Copyrights And Trademarks

Copyrights and trademarks are two primary ways to protect your intellectual property. Copyrights are best for original works such as music, art, literary works and software codes. Trademarks protect a company’s name, logo, slogans, brand identity and product names.

Copyright and trademark infringement cases may include:

  • Infringing on the name, logo or slogan of another business
  • Recreating or copying someone’s work without authorization
  • Selling a copyrighted work without authorization
  • Performing or displaying another’s work without authorization

When you bring a lawsuit for copyright or trademark infringement, you may be entitled to monetary compensation as well as “injunctive relief” to put a stop to the infringement. Monetary damages can include any profits received from the use of your work, any losses you suffered and attorney fees.

We Will Represent You In Court

Protecting your intellectual property is key to ensuring the success of your business and the security of your work in the future. Whether you are facing accusations for infringement or preserving your right to monetize your original work, our lawyers provide an aggressive strategy. At Biebelberg & Martin, LLC, we will help you protect your hard work and hold infringers responsible. To schedule a consultation at our Millburn office, call us at 973-988-2049 or complete our online contact form to get in touch.