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Fighting For You In Breach Of Fiduciary Duty Actions

A fiduciary relationship relies on the trust and confidence that the fiduciary will act in your best interests. When a fiduciary breaches this duty, you may have a valid legal claim against them. At Biebelberg & Martin, LLC, located in Millburn, New Jersey, our team of litigation attorneys will navigate the complexities of these conflicts.

When an issue regarding breach of fiduciary duty arises, our attorneys will strive for a successful resolution on your behalf. At Biebelberg & Martin, LLC, our lawyers have been representing clients throughout Northern and Central New Jersey for more than 30 years. Our team knows how to build strategies to maximize the likelihood of success. With a trial-centered approach for every client, we prepare aggressively and meticulously. Whether we can go through mediation or your case requires litigation, our attorneys will provide you with the personalized representation you deserve.

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A fiduciary duty is a legal and financial obligation for a party to act in the best interests of another. A breach of fiduciary duty can happen in a variety of different relationships, including attorney-client relationships, an executor of an estate or business partners.

Examples of a breach of fiduciary duty include:

  • The fiduciary acting in his or her own self-interest
  • The fiduciary taking actions that are not in the beneficiary’s best interests
  • Failing to disclose important information
  • Misappropriation or misuse of funds
  • Abuse of power

A breach of fiduciary duty can be challenging to prove and largely depends on the facts and circumstances of your case. It must be established that there was a legally valid relationship between the fiduciary and the beneficiary at the time of the breach. Then, it must be proven that the fiduciary breached a duty to the beneficiary.

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