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Sophisticated And Knowledgeable White Collar Criminal Defense

With a history of skilled representation in criminal defense cases, the attorneys at Biebelberg & Martin, LLC, work closely with their clients to facilitate a strategic defense against any white collar criminal charges that our clients may face. Our experience in criminal defense is informed by decades of litigation practice, and we take an exhaustive approach to developing a defense strategy that also anticipates any challenges that may arise throughout the case. The outcome of a trial is critically important, as is successful negotiation. Moreover, the ideal outcome for a client is the investigation and early preparation of a defense that, in some cases, is so compelling that it facilitates persuading the prosecution not to proceed forward with an indictment.

Established in 1990, the law firm of Biebelberg & Martin, LLC, has been retained to represent clients in cases requiring a high degree of skill and thoughtful case strategies. We will properly prepare your case through exhaustive investigation and trial strategy. Keith N. Biebelberg has represented clients in the state and federal courts of New Jersey as well as in other jurisdictions around the country. From our Millburn office, we can represent clients in Essex County, Union County and throughout Northern and Central New Jersey.

Professional And Corporate Criminal Defense Representation

We represent clients in a wide range of criminal defense cases, especially those accused of business-related crimes. It is vital that you retain a capable defense attorney to protect your liberty and reputation.

We are equipped to fight for your rights against a broad spectrum of criminal charges, including:

  • Commercial bribery: Offering or accepting money or some other favor in order to influence a public official is a serious charge that necessitates a swift and decisive criminal defense strategy.
  • Cybercrime: Many criminal acts now involve unauthorized access to or use of digital assets and information, which requires a modern criminal defense team.
  • Embezzlement: Whether they are corporate officers or trustees, those who breach their fiduciary duties and take or otherwise convert the assets with which they are entrusted can face criminal charges.
  • Attorney ethics violations: Investigations into ethics violations can have both criminal and reputational penalties for New Jersey lawyers that require a swift and strong criminal defense.
  • Financial fraud: Whether it’s involving health care, insurance, credit cards or Medicare, people can find a number of ways in which to defraud somebody of their money or property through the use of deception. Being accused of such conduct can severely harm your professional reputation, so you must fiercely defend against such charges.
  • Forgery: Falsifying a document to defraud someone can result in lengthy penalties, depending on the severity of the loss. To avoid this, you need to retain seasoned defense attorneys such as Mr. Biebelberg and his team.
  • Insider trading: Using confidential information to buy or sell a company’s stock before that information is publicly available is not only unethical but also criminal. If you have been accused of this, then you need to fight this charge with a skilled defense attorney.
  • Money laundering: Money laundering is a serious offense that can result in federal charges, depending on the predicate crime on which it is based. You need a team of defense attorneys, led by Mr. Biebelberg, who understands how to combat federal criminal charges.
  • Political corruption: Many public officials face scrutiny for their interactions with the public, and, likewise, those who do business with them can face charges for attempting to influence government action.
  • Securities fraud: Misrepresenting company information to regulators can lead to severe fines for your company and potential criminal charges for you.
  • Tax fraud: Corporate tax fraud can result in more than just fines, as potential jail time is often threatened to encourage payment.
  • Trade secrets theft: Corporate intellectual property is valuable and unauthorized transmissions or uses of it are heavily criminalized. The best way to avoid the penalties is with a defense attorney with years of intellectual property practice.
  • Wire and mail fraud: Any fraudulent criminal act that takes place via the mail or over a wire, airwave or cable communication can be considered a federal crime in addition to a state crime. These charges implicate not only prison time but also severe fines, so you need a defense attorney who has the skills and knowledge to defend against them effectively.
  • Document fraud: Falsifying official documents, such as government identification, in order to receive money, property or some other benefit is a serious offense.

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